What Can I Do?


What Else Can I Do?

The IMC is about service. We are all volunteer serving in response to the divine inspiration. A membership card is not the key to serve the Almighty Father in the business that worries His heart. Even if you cannot actively participate in other activities, so long as you are led to serve God and support missionary effort, you can take your time to contribute other responses including some of the following:

You can write letters to persecuted Christians. There are organizations ready to deliver your letters. You can adopt a habit of encouraging different people as you pray for them.

Remember, on average 322 Christians are killed each month, 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed, and 772 forms of violence are committed against Christians including rapes, beatings, and abductions, among others.

You can write a letter of encouragement to serving missionaries. Christian persecution occur as a matter of routine in at least 60 countries of the world.

You can pray for nations: When you pray, God will begin to add more burdens to your heart.

Adopt a mission field – the IMC provides linkages.

Adopt a missionary – the IMC provides linkages.

Support missionaries – the IMC provides linkages.

Visit mission fields – the IMC provides linkages.

Read about missionaries: William Carey, David Livingstone

Watch mission-related movies – the IMC provides linkages.

Set up missions group in your church – the IMC provides linkages.

Learn about Missions and Unreached Peoples

Joshua Project

Mission Frontiers

Traveling Team

10/40 Window