2017 Annual IMC Conference

2017 Annual IMC Conference

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There is a real but silent, and lethal use of force and repression against the saints of the Lord. In several countries today, innocent citizens are been locked up in jails or martyred for their faith. The word of God commands us to ‘Remember the prisoners as if chained with them, those who are mistreated, since you yourselves are in the body also’ ( Heb. 13:3).
God's generals the largest workforce on earth, the Missionaries, God’s change agents, flag bearers, carriers of the gospel to remote places of the earth continue to face neglect. Their welfare, support in form of prayers and funding is a responsibility of the church, you and I, and we cannot afford to continue to neglect that responsibility.
The need to address the spiritual and humanitarian consequences of recent socio-political changes around the globe is amplified by the tumulous changes that we continue to see around the world. Some of those changes have led to an unparalleled move of refugees from one continent to another. Several millions of people have been displaced internally in war-torn nations. There are also increasing threats to freedom of worship in notable countries of the world, a move that is been enabled by terrorism.
The theme of The International Missions Conference  (IMC) this year ‘SUPPORTING MISSIONARIES AND THE PERSECUTED CHURCH’ is ordained for this discussion.  Register to attend, now! See you there!!


Rev. Jalil Dawood

  • Born in Iraq, Baghdad
  • Fled Iraq 1982 due to the Iraq-Iran war and persecutions
  • Came to America 1982 as a refugee after living in Rome, Italy
  • Started new life in the USA by working and studying as a refugee
  • Graduated from University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in 1992
  • Graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2007
  • Pastor of Arab Church of Dallas since 2007 http://arabicchurchofdallas.org
  • Founder of World Refugee Care 2013 and worked with refugees since 2007 https://worldrefugeescare.org
  • Married to Sundus with 2 Children, Farrah and Faith.



Rev. Kevin Jessip, Global Strategic Alliance

Kevin Jessip, President of GSA, has been speaking out at events all over the world such as the most recent meeting in Scottsdale, AZ., “Wake up America” keynoted by Ben Carson. Kevin’s father was a pastor and his great grandfather Charlie Robinson was a circuit riding preacher in Arkansas. In the early 1900’s, Robinson was instrumental in forming the denomination known today as the “Assemblies of God”.

Four hundred years ago going back 10 generations, John Robinson, the “Pilgrims Father”, put 35 of his parishioners on the Mayflower after escaping England during the Puritan/Separatist movement. His goal was to reform the church during Queen Mary’s beheadings of persecuted Christians. Those pilgrims founded Plymouth, Mass. and created the first colony in 1620, which became the start of these United States of America.

Kevin has used the knowledge gained in his business career as a catalyst for founding, developing and funding organizations dedicated to impacting the world for positive transformation. While having successfully created strategic alliance relationships with nearly half of the Fortune 500, he is known for networking the skills of many with a proven methodology to create successful results. Kevin is also known for his work with Phil Enloe Evangelistic Association and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, which has led nearly 80 million souls (many of which were Muslim) to Christianity worldwide.

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