Annual IMC Missions Conference


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The Annual Missions Conference

The yearly Missions Conference provides for missionaries and inspired individuals to pray together. To worship, study, learn, and train together. We use the opportunity refresh ourselves, play, and to network as a family under one roof united in the understanding of our calling to serve in The Great Commission.

The Conference features seasoned missionaries and guest speakers who motivate participants through awareness programs including lectures, presentations and practical training. We also use the testimony time to worship God as we review reports from various mission fields all around the world.

Refreshed and recharged, participants go back home empowered and ready to translate their new motivation into programs adapted for their local assemblies and communities. Hence, grassroots teams develop various initiatives to strengthen their missionary agenda with a zeal for the salvation of more souls.

Please take the time to review some highlights from previous conferences to see how God continues to expand our coasts every year.

Yet, the challenge is enormous but God is more than able!

Become a part of what moves the heart of God – that is, Global Missions!!